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How People Volunteering in Prisons Helps Inmate Rehabilitation

Volunteering in prisons is a selfless way for citizens to help rehabilitate inmates seeking a better life during and after incarceration.

Citizens can gain the opportunity to fulfill an important public service role, by volunteering in a correctional facility. Additionally, this activity is highly rewarding, because it makes a measurable difference in the lives of people who actively want to better themselves.

Most volunteer positions within prisons are related to educational programming. Volunteers often bring a wide variety of skills that help inmates learn what it means to be an engaged, productive member of society.

When law-abiding citizens share their time and expertise, it does more than help inmates learn the specific program material, it provides a regular example for inmates to emulate.

How to Start Volunteering in our Prisons

The process for becoming a volunteer with Prisoner’s Support Cameroon often begins with locating and contacting us.

Our  Inmates treat volunteers better than anyone else. Volunteers are practically untouchable and the inmates are grateful and respectful that you are even there to begin with. What they overwhelmingly experience is that society has forgotten they exist. Many believe that is what they deserve. They often don’t understand why someone would volunteer to come to a place like a prison to help someone like them. But they are grateful we are there.

Volunteer with us and gain enormous experience in our cells and country.