Rehabilitation and engagement

The challenges lie in ensuring that the right programmes are delivered to the right people at the right time. For Prisoner’s Support Cameroon to effectively carry out rehabilitation out of prisons the following has been be considered

First, it is important that low-risk offenders have minimal contact with higher-risk offenders. Extended contact is only likely to increase their risk of recidivism. This has implications for prisoner case management, prison design and for the courts.

Courts have the power to divert low-risk offenders from prison and thus minimise contact with more entrenched offenders. Related to this is the need to develop effective systems of community-based rehabilitation, leaving prisons for the most dangerous and highest-risk offenders.

Second, concerted efforts are required to develop innovative programmes  across all levels of the criminal justice system.

Third, staff need to be properly selected, trained, supervised and resourced to deliver the highest-quality rehabilitation services to the most complex and challenging people. PSC has trained its volunteers towards this area.