PSC -Sport Camp

Playing in the jail: sport as psychosocial tool for inmates
PRC will be organizing a football competition at the New Bell Canter Prison in the days ahead. This is in line with the visions and aspiration of the organisation.

About ten millions people are imprisoned around the world (De Maeyer, 2005, Walmsley, 2005) – 400.000 throughout the European Union-, living in places known as prisons where they spend the whole day, sometimes for a long part of their lives. “Odious solution” (Foucault, 1977, 252) the prison has a double function:

Effects of sport-based intervention on inmates and probationers can be focused around four main themes:

  • maintaining and improving prisoners general wellness;
  • helping the integration of individuals released into local communities;
  • contrasting anti-social behaviors and fostering the learning of social values and social rules;
  • effecting positively prison communities.